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1.Market Stall Holder Set Up/Demonstration Kit

2.Market Stall Holder What Market is correct for you?

3.Market Stall Holder – “Pull A Plot” What Market position is best for your product?

My first Market Angel Blog for new/first time stallholders, here are some ideas on how to get started!

My first Topic is:

1.Market Stall Holder Set Up/Demonstration Kit

“Dem Kit” obtain the correct size plastic container to fit all smaller items in

Eftpos Machine

Signage – A3 Color Prints Laminated

Bright cover/tablecloth


Stationery – Business Cards, Pen, Blue Tack, Tape, Scissors, Rope etc.,

Marquee – ensure it is simple to erect, tent pegs or weights, hammer

Lightweight blow fold trestle table

Bum Bag or lock box with plenty of appropriate change (float)

Receipt Book – with ABN, Hint: I hand a business card and ask them to email me for a receipt, 2 reasons, I obtain their email address for future promotions, and most importantly I do not waste time (as I could be making more sales on the day)

Ensure you have plenty of stock and it is clearly priced and the presentation is appealing; do not clutter your stand.

My second Market Angel Blog, here are some clues on sourcing and choosing the correct Market for your product

2.Market Stall Holder What Market is correct for you?

Google Market Angel

Buy To Market To Market Victoria 2012 by Fat Piggy, 0402866064

Local Papers

Network at Markets you do attend and ask other stallholders with similar products about other Markets they have attended

To choose you need to consider:

Cost of rent

Travel costs, petrol and time

Weather forecast if Market is outside

Ring the Market Organizer and check what advertising they are doing, e.g. signage in the area, flyers, if they are on Face Book (then create an event on your page and TAG them). Ask how many people they anticipate attending and what demographic they expect, and is there another stallholder with the same or similar product booked for that day

Check what opposing or similar Markets in the area are on the same day?

My third Market Angel Blog “Pull A Plot” is something that new stallholders would not know to consider initially.

3.What Market position is best for your product?

Ring the Market Organizer and ask:

For the Site plan of all stalls to be scanned to you

Check if you are inside or outside

Ask what types of stalls are next to where they plan to put you

Negative Plots:

If you are next to Food or Coffee they attract queues so you may be overlooked as prospective customers may go around.

Stallholders next to you who put signage boards out or stock in front of there stands may hinder customers getting to you, speak to the organizer if this happens, NEVER speak to the stall holder yourself

Narrow walkways where prams can bank up can deter customers

Most stallholders think that the first stall inside the door (which is usually the exit also, so people do a loop) is best, however my experience is customers will not buy as they first walk in and have spent there money by the time they get back to you on the way out

A corner market plot is always better as you have exposure on two sides

If your market plot is not the best position for you when you do arrive always ask to be moved – there is always someone who does not turn up on the day!

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I was a Corporate Accountant and 12 months ago (after building this small business in the background for 10 years),

I decided to go full time with the Kiddies Food Kutter!

I now attend over 350 Events a year demonstrating the Kiddies Food Kutter. I have not looked back!

These include Farmers Markets, Baby & Children’s Markets, Festivals, Charity Events, Fetes, Cooking Schools, Good Food & Wine Expos.

I also do Fundraising for KinderGartens, Schools, Cookery Schools ChildCare Centre and Special Needs Centres.

I enjoy promoting healthy eating for children!