Customer Service -Kiddies Food Kutter from HomeLife Simplified!

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I just want to shout out to a great business and product tonight since great customer service is so rare these days. I am not sure if you have ever seen “Kiddies Food Kutter” knives but they are fantastic and we have used them for years. They cut food but not your kids hands (but don’t try to take them on an international flight as we had 1 confiscated). 

Anyway I had one that had come apart with the blade out of the handle. I contacted KFK and through very quick emails we figured out the ones I bought years ago at the parenting expo here in Brisbane were NOT official ones brought in from America but ones brought in from China by an imitator (they have a pumpkin handle). While I was shocked that a sub standard product was allowed to be sold at such a public event I was also pleasantly shocked by Jackie offering to send me one of theirs to replace my bad knife. So I wanted to share this great product AND business and alert you to the fact that there are imitators out there and to look for the kiddies food cutter name imprinted on the handles. This is a great way to let kids grow confident in the kitchen while staying safe.

No disclaimer needed as i was not put up to posting this – I just wanted to publicly thank them for being so wonderful and caring – when Jackie thought it was their knife she was going to replace my 1 knife with a new 3 pack. How many businesses do that these days?