Diary of a “Comp Queen”

GIVEAWAY – From Diary Of A Comp Queen

Hi, I’m Sarah Diary Of  A Comp  QUEEN and as you may have guessed, I love to comp! comp1

It all started in 2012, I had won a few prizes prior to this but once I started treating comping like a hobby Icomp started winning on a weekly basis.  I haven’t won a car (or Lotto)……yet, lol, but I’ll keep trying.  I enter anything and everything, it’s more about seeing if I can win than the actual prize.  Any prizes I may not have a use for are donated to various charities throughout the year, mostly at Christmas time.

I’m married with two kiddies – Mr L, 4 y/o, and Miss P, 6 y/o.  Yes, they are compers too.  They love to draw pictures and enter colouring competitions whenever they can.

Stay tuned for my comping tips, news of my latest wins and best of all I will definitely be sharing any awesome comps that I find.

Like this COMP kindly donated by Jackie the owner of  –  Kiddies Food Kutter & Safety Food Peeler – Promoting Healthy Eating For Kids!! #Safely     CLICK LINK BELOW TO ENTER!


Jacklyn James  Kiddies Food Kutter and Safety Food Peelerlogo-kfk                                                   bright-colours-logo-sfp

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