How did you get started with Kiddies Food Kutter?

Kiddies Food Kutter
I have always been into healthy eating and fitness, was aware of childhood obesity/fussy eaters.
There were blunt butter knives and plastic ones that broke.
If this could cut Pumpkin it could cut everything. Even steak and sausages on a dinner – plate!

I sourced the original Pumpkin Kutter from the U.S. in the year 2000 which is patented and I have the legal distribution rights for Australia and New Zealand

This letter is to confirm Jacklyn James as our Australia and New Zealand distributor for our product called The Kiddies Food Kutter. I designed this product along with our Pumpkin Kutter in 1979 and they have been in production since 1980

Donald R. Johannsen

I would attend local Markets and sell so many, couldn’t believe it!
I worked Full time for the next 10 years as a Corporate Accountant and almost every weekend travelled to Markets with just 1 small table and some poster (nothing like the Set Up I have today)
I sent many samples out to Cooking Schools etc., “Oh NO we couldn’t use knives” and I kept plodding on and on.
Junior MasterChef started and of course to be on the “Show” you had to be 8 years upwards, with Basic Sharp knife skills.
Mums & Dads flocked to buy these Sharp knives (in Pretty Colours) and the kids cut themselves!

Opened up my whole business!

4 years ago I took the risk to go Full-Time, though there have been MANY hiccups along the way, all is on track with my Business Plan. June 2015

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