Kiddies Food Kutter arrives in Germany!

I first saw your product in Tasmania at the Food and Wine Show and was
amazed by it. Unfortunately, I did not have the time to get back to your
stand and buy it, but it was always on my mind. Now a year later, you were
at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival and I bought 4 knifes for my
godchildren and nephews (aged 3-6).

I sent one to Germany to my nephew and gave 3 to the kids here in Melbourne.
At first the mothers were very skeptical and not sure if he kids would be
able to cut themselves, but after my little presentation, I could convince
them to let the kids have a go.

Attached are 3 photos that my sister sent and I don’t think I have to say
anything else. It was the biggest success ever! Tjado (the little boy in the
picture aged 3 and a half) LOVES it – and so does my sister.
The other 3 kids are on their way to become a well-trained Junior Masterchef
– I hope!

So thank you for an amazing product – I hope more parents will give it a

Kind regards,

Maike Schroeder, Melbourne Victoria