Kitchen Safety For Kids – Kiddies Food Kutter & Safety Food Peeler


Teaching knife safety with your kids is important!

Many customers ask “If we give them the Kiddies Food Kutter, then they will think all knives are Safe”

My answer to that is, at 2 years supervise them and you explain to them that this is a safe knife “It is your Knife”, “It is a safe knife”, the same as you would with safety scissors and most teachings in life.

Builds confidence, Independence, Fine Motor Skills, and most of all they want to cut and it is FUN too!

They will have to cut there food at some stage or you will cutting up on the dinner plate whilst your food goes cold, until they are 8 years old! Don’t feel lonely thats what most parents are doing! I ask the children at all the Markets I attend “Hands up who cuts there dinner” –  very few hands are raised.

I ask if Mum or Dad aren’t there – how do you cut/eat your dinner? With our fingers…….


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