Mums Delivery Review on Kiddies Food Kutter

Kiddies Food Kutter

I put my hand up to do this review as I have two young boys who are very physical, rough and tumble children where if they can hurt themselves they will. So the idea of a knife that is safe for them to use was appealing.

The Kiddies Food Kutters are designed to promote independence and boost confidence while safely teaching children to cut their own food at meal times. When the Kiddies Food Kutters arrived, the first thing my four year old did was rip the blue (his favourite colour) Kiddies Kutter out of the packaging and promptly started trying to cut things with it.

To my absolute relief it will not cut:

Little brothers hand,
Little brothers hair,
Mums arm,
Dads book,
Dads laptop,
Mums leg, and the list just goes on!

It does however cut food – both cooked and raw, making it ideal at meal times as it cuts both meat and vegetables alike. There are absolutely no sharp pointy bits, no sharp edges and the secret to the Kiddies Food Kutter is that it has teeth like a saw.  This means that your child gets used to a sawing cutting action whist using a safe, child friendly knife that won’t harm them, siblings or any other living creatures within reach with.

The plastic handle is perfect for little hands and the knife is made from non toxic steel which is dishwasher safe!  Yay!

I love the Kiddies Food Kutter!  Sitting at the table eating dinner is a little bit more enjoyable now that he can cut his food the way he likes it!  He even likes to help out with the preparation and I never thought I would see the day that he would be excited to see veggies on his plate! All it took was for him to be able cut them himself!  Brilliant!


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