New PINK Kiddies Food Kutter Has Arrived!

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Pink Kiddies Food Kutter Promo Feedback!

After 15 years of importing the original Kiddies Food Kutter from the USA.. FINALLY THE PINK HAS ARRIVED! 

Much to the delight of many girly girls and to my surprise many boys have already chosen this as their preference, to match their safety food peeler!

These arrived Thursday 18th of February (last week) and of course I ran a promo for 3 days offering 12 x 3 packs up for grabs for sharing my Facebook page! I was astouded at the traffic to my Kiddies Food Kutter pagethe amount of people reached in total was 25,492 with 232 shares.

The feedback was invaluable to me and the promises of pictures of the products in action, I cannot wait to receive over the next few weeks!

I am sure customers do not realise the time, effort and cost that goes into running a promotion like this, so I thank everyone who took the time to write their positive feedback!

Here are just a few of the comments:


Kiddies Food Kutter. I would love to try these out with my daughter as she has trouble cutting. – Carly

These are the safety knives we have. They are great! – Megan

Kiddies Food Kutter. I have the other colours already but having 2 girls and no boys the pink ones would get a work out! – Michelle

Kiddies Food Kutter!
We have a peeler and my boys(fav colour is pink!) really want to help cut veggies for dinner. This would be great! X – Jessie

Kiddies Food Kutter!
My kids are cooking mad! Always needs to help mummy in the kitchen. At the moment he only uses butter knives to cut with (he’s only 2.5). I’m sure I have a little chef on my hands lol (oh and pink is his favourite colour at the moment – Fabianne

Kiddies Food Kutter perfect to keep my over active 3 year old happy and feeling included in meal preparation – Sarah

Kiddies food kutter !!!!! My daughter has been begging me to get her these. She just wants to help mummy in the kitchen she does everything that she can but All she really want to do is peel and chop potatoes and carrots. Pink is her favourite colour! – Lana

Kiddies food kutter. My daughter and I have a food blog where we cook for daddy. Lelah is unable to chop things as she doesn’t have a kiddie cutter. This would be perfect for her to start. Ps- she’s 3 – Amber

Yes please we need more I was wondering where our had gone as we only have 1 left. After my son with autism has finished helping by cutting his own Apple etcetra he put the others in the bin. Pink is also his favourite colour – Shannon

Kiddies Food Kutter. Yes please as my 3 yr old daughter loves helping mummy cook currently mixing only as i still haven’t got knives or anything else. 😀 so these would be awesome for her to get more hands on.
Thanks – Rohini

Kiddies Food Kutters. This would be perfect for my son who wants to use a knife and cut his own food or help prep dinner – Katie

Kiddies Food Kutter This should prevent our usual kitchenware kidtastophes. – Mitchell

Kiddies Food Kutter!
Would be a wonderful (and safe!) Addition to the kitchen for my 3 year old to ‘help’ with meal preparation smile emoticon – Dalys

My daughter loves helping in the kitchen , and loves using the Kiddies Food kutter at playgroup in cooking time – Rebecca

WINNERS I have PMessaged you all for your addresses ! – I chose 12 at random in the end! Oh it was so hard I wish I could give away to all of you but I am still a small business…. Congrats to JoComber, Nicole Maher, Carly Cucco, Richard Sullivcan, Marie Mclaughlin, Victoria Blaigaich, Amy Milford, Siniad Keddie, Tara Bua Giancarro, Natalie Alison, Lana Guy, Lucinda Fairfull, – Many thanks for your interest in my 2 Safe Products ! I hope that helps for those that missed out!

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