Teaching Knife Safety with your children – A Life Skill

Promoting Independence and Self Reliance

Do your children want to get up on the bench and try to use a real knife??

Are you afraid to let them try? Do you give them a blunt butter knife?

(They soon get bored don’t they)

Or a silly plastic one that snaps 🙂 Frustrating, and a waste of time………Finally there is a SAFE Knife that is easy for children 2 years onwards, people with a disability, and the elderly to handle, allowing them to cut foods prepare and cut up their meal in a safe and fun way! SAFE

The Kiddies Food Kutter uses a sawing action. cutting everything from a soft tomato to a tuff steak.

The Kiddies Food Kutter –  intelligent design means they are effective, safe and easy for those having difficulty using traditional knives. Originally invented for Pumpkin Carving, so they are durable.

BPA Free, available in Red, Blue and Yellow, Stainless Steel , non-toxic blade and teaches hand eye co-ordination!


Knife Safety