Tell us a bit about the New Safety Food Peeler?


Peeler Group 3 SFP_v2sm
After years of Farmers Markets, Fundraising and supplying into cooking Schools & Garden Kitchen Projects, it was becoming more and more obvious that Peeling was an issue.
So from an idea, I designed a Bladeless “Safety Food Peeler”.
Sourced a Plastic Manufacturer in Melbourne, a 3D CAD Design drawing was completed, prototype produced, matched the colours to the Kiddies Food Kutter – Red, Yellow and Blue and tested the Market.
Sold 500 in a week and mainly to Adults and Left- Handers and the Elderly (Arthritis, Dimentia)
Rebranded from Kiddies Food Peeler to Safety Food Peeler and ran off the 1st 9,000 (3,000) of each colour!
18 months later I have sold 36,000 and launched into the U.S.