Getting Involved

The juggle is real. How to get things done as efficiently as possible at the same time as keeping your little ones entertained and involved? Activity Time: Often, it's not so much that your kids need to have an "activity" to play with but more they just want to mirror...

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The Safety Food Peeler Story

Here's the story of the design & invention of the Safety Food Peeler   After starting out with the Kiddies Food Kutter in 2000, the most common feedback I received up until 2014 from customers was unanimous. “Gee if only we could buy a safe peeler also". “WOW...

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Norma’s Lemon Delicious Recipe – Best Dessert!

In the suburbs where I was born, we had a fantastic lemon tree in the backyard - as most of my neighbours did too. Therefore, lemons were used for many recipes and no scrimping, as there was an abundance nearly all year-round. Dad was so proud of it and said the...

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The BEST Homemade Playdough – Made In The Slow Cooker!

Playdough is such an awesome activity for kids - it appeals to a huge range of ages, can keep them entertained for ages and is cheap and easy to make at home. I love this recipe as it's non-toxic, makes a gorgeous silky playdough, and best of all is made in the slow...

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Blueberry, Oat & Chia Bars – No Added Sugar Kids Snack

These lovely moist, dense and slightly chewy bars are more like a cake than a traditional muesli bar. They have no added sugar, are choc full of fibre and goodness and are perfect to freeze! They are also super easy to make, and so perfect to get the kids helping in...

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The Slippery Slope Into Fussy Eating [Guest Blog]

I remember the day my friend's baby was ready for lunch and I offered to help; Sophia was 17 months at the time. I was a young mum myself and my baby was not even on solids yet so, without much thought, I grabbed one of the baby food tins stored at Sophia's house and...

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Norma’s Chow Mein Recipe – A Family Favourite Dinner!

Chow Mein was one of the first “different” recipes Mum taught me to make in the late 60s’ (I was 8 or 9) Chinese take away on a Friday night was the closest it got to innovative for our working class family. Of course the choices were Dims Sims for entrée, Sweet &...

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Review: “Try It, Rate It” Product Reviews

Review: "Try It, Rate It"   Fifteen lucky parents had the opportunity to road test the Kiddies Food Kutter and Safety Food Peeler as part of the's "Try It, Rate It" feature. Read the article and reviews below, or read...

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As featured in: The Bayside Mailer

As featured in: The Bayside Mailer We were so pleased to have a feature in Melbourne's Bayside Mailer magazine in their Oct/Nov 2017 edition. Thanks to Michelle and the team for including us in your "Get Out & Try This" section! We love that we're...

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We're all about getting kids in the kitchen & encouraging healthy eating. Our kids safety knife & kids safety peeler are safe for little hands and perfect for helping the little ones learn cooking skills from a young age.