Safety scissors designed for young kids!

These Kiddies Safety Scissors are perfect for children that love their art & crafts.  Suitable for all skill levels for children 3 years onwards, left and right handed, and for kids with special needs or a disability. Not only do these safety scissors have a blunt nose and premium steel safety blades, they have a nifty spring mechanism built into the handle to help young kids master the scissor-cutting action.


Stainless steel and blunt tips mean they are safe for little fingers! Perfect for kids 3 years plus, including those with a disability.


Let your kids get creative and foster a love of arts, crafts and invention! Hours of fun for kids of all ages.


The clever spring mechanism in the handle aids the opening and closing movement, helping to teach kids the cutting action.

We love it!

Fantastic product, amazing friendly lady, great concept!

My little one loves to help out in the kitchen – I’m especially excited about the peeler as I’ve never seen them anywhere else before!

Definitely grab a set for your children, and your friend’s kids too!

Jocelyn Jones

Definitely recommend.

My 6 & 3 year old daughters got a Kiddies Food Kutter and they LOVE it!!

Jacklyn took the time to show them how to use it! Now they are independently using their knives themselves every night at dinner!!

Really glad we found you, will be recommending this product!!

Kate Sargent

We’re big fans!

My son was over the moon when he opened his package and I explained what it was.

He had to use them right away he had so much fun peeling and cutting his veggies.

He was so proud of himself. Such a great thing for little kids!!

Casey Monck


We're all about getting kids in the kitchen & encouraging healthy eating. Our kids safety knife & kids safety peeler are safe for little hands and perfect for helping the little ones learn cooking skills from a young age.