4 Pack - Safety Food Peelers

4 Pack SFP

4 Pack - Safety Food Peelers 4 Pack SFP
Grab this great value 3 pack of Safety Food Peelers. It's unique bladeless design makes it perfect for kids, the elderly or disabled. Available in 4 colours.
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Peeler 1 Colour
Peeler 2 Colour
Peeler 3 Colour
Peeler 4 Colour Red (0) Yellow (0) Blue (0) Pink (0)
4 Pack - Safety Food Peelers Safety Food Peeler Instructions Safety Food Peeler Blue Safety Food Peeler Pink Safety Food Peeler Red Safety Food Peeler Yellow Safety Food Peeler In Action



We're all about getting kids in the kitchen & encouraging healthy eating. Our kids safety knife & kids safety peeler are safe for little hands and perfect for helping the little ones learn cooking skills from a young age.